What is FEPSys?

FEPSys is being developed as part of the SINATRA project, which is funded under NERCs Flooding From Intense Rainfall (FFIR) programme which aims to reduce the risks of damage and loss of life caused by surface water and flash floods.

The aim of FEPSys is to create something that is generally helpful and transparent; a legacy from SINATRA developed in the spirit of bringing together knowledge and data about FFIR and knowledge and outcomes from project SINATRA.

The schematic below shows the workings and essential components of FEPSys.

FEPSys Schematic

A FEPSys user, through the Graphical User Interface (GUI), asks questions and receives responses.

FEPSys includes an embedded SQLite database, a Features Events and Processes (FEP) knowledge system, and integrated tools and resources such as files and documents.

Advice and data can be given for locating and using external models, tools, databases, etc.

An example of advice might be: to improve the accuracy of integrated tool X in FEPSys you can obtain site-specific data from external database Y.

FEPSys certainly wont be comprehensive or perfect, and in some ways it is experimental, but with your help it can at least be useful within SINATRA and beyond.

Some of the intergrated tools have been made available on this web site - from the top menu select Outputs to explore...